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Blended & Other Fibers



A 50% wool, 50% silk blend. It is about the same weight as Wildflowers, but has more loft. It is a very versatile fiber!

Mandarin Floss

Oriental Linen


Patent Leather
The most important thing about working with Patent Leather is to make sure that you lay it front and back. Keeping it laid on the back will make it much easier to work with and make the front lay perfectly flat. Patent Leather may be tent stitched on 18 c

Petite Very Velvet

Rainbow Linen

Rainbow Tweed

Silk & Creme

Silk & Ivory
50% Silk and 50% Wool. A single ply fiber for 12M-18M canvas. Single skein will cover approximately 15 square inches on 18M, 19 square inches on 14M, and 20 square inches on 13M.

Soy Luster - Shadows

Soy Luster - Solids

ThreadworX Expressions


Water & Ice

Wool Crepe

Wool Crepe Tweed